Meghan & Kevin

May 25, 2019Salt Lake City, UT, USA

How We Met

We met about 2 years ago at a large group brunch, Meghan mistook the back of Kevin's head for another friend and multiple times called him by the wrong name. Oops! Kevin was kind and quickly forgave the social fumble. We still didn't talk much until mutual friends started inviting us to many of the same gatherings. Between Hanukkah dinners, MoviePass outings and the Olympics, we became friends and eventually more!

First Date

We disagree on when our first date is, so here is each side:

He Says: Our first date was the week of Valentines's day, which can be precarious timing. I called Meghan on 2/13 in order to avoid any awkwardness around the holiday and we went out that Friday (a few days after Valentine's Day). I knew she loved to try new restaurants, so I did my research and found a new place that had just opened. The street tacos came and went too fast. Not wanting the night to end too early, we strolled around downtown Austin talking and getting to know each other better.

She Says: In early February, there was a particularly cold and wet day. Kevin knew I kept three types of cookie dough in the freezer at any given time. He texted me that day and suggested we meet up for cookies and hot chocolate. I made cookies and he made hot chocolate. It was casual and fun. I remember my hair was still wet from getting out of the shower and I had no makeup on, but we still talked for hours.

Popping the Question

We had made plans earlier in the week to go to the Botanical Gardens near downtown Austin on Saturday afternoon. When Kevin changed the destination to the Umlauf Sculpture Garden that morning, Meghan was convinced he wouldn't be proposing. After walking around, enjoying the art, we found a small path that lead to an overlook with a bench. Sitting alone on the bench, Kevin began to reminisce about the year of dating and all the memories we had made. After a few minutes of talking, Kevin got down on one knee and asked Meghan to marry him.

Her Response: "Of Course I Will!"

After phone calls to family, we went to dinner, where Kevin had a bouquet waiting for her. We talked about our plans for the future and took in the events of the afternoon. After dinner, we joined friends at a small party to announce our engagement!

What's Next

Over the last year of dating, we've gotten to know each other and one another's family and friends. Together we've done trips to New York, Boston, Dallas, Houston, Phoenix, Salt Lake City and Lake Powell. We've developed mutual hobbies like trying new restaurants in the awesome Austin food scene, kayaking Lady Bird Lake in the summers and exploring ATX via scooters. We hope the adventures never end!

We're excited about our future together and hope you can join us on May 25th for the celebration of our marriage!